New age marketing and sustainable consumption

Examining the ever-evolving connection between contemporary marketing tactics and ethical consumer behaviour, the theme “New Age Marketing and Sustainable Consumption” provides a deep dive into how corporate practices are changing. This discourse, which is based on sustainability principles, addresses several aspects and promotes conscious consumption. A wide range of subjects are covered in the discussions, such as innovative digital marketing strategies that are carefully designed with sustainability in mind. Furthermore, it explores the smooth incorporation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes into marketing campaigns, providing insight into how these programmes may enhance customer confidence and brand image. Additionally, the function of eco-labelling and certification schemes in guiding customers toward mindful purchase decisions is examined, highlighting the significance of authenticity and transparency in product labelling. In addition to examining how technology and digital platforms may encourage eco-friendly customer behaviour, this investigation also reveals creative strategies and tools for incorporating sustainability into digital marketing efforts. In addition, the discussion salutes creative thinking and technology breakthroughs that drive the development of ecologically sensitive goods, so signalling a change in customer preferences. Essentially, the conversation is supported by behavioural research, policy changes, and neighbourhood-based programs that promote ethical purchasing decisions and way of lifeā€”basically, the basis of sustainable consumerism. The theme ultimately attempts to guide the conversation toward a future in which consumption and marketing coexist peacefully, promoting mutual benefits for society and the environment via stimulating conversations and collaborative endeavours.

Topics may include:

  • Innovative Digital Marketing for Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Marketing
  • Eco-labeling and Certification
  • Innovations in Sustainable Product Development
  • Sustainable consumption
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