Sustainable Economics for a Changing World

Our thematic focus, “Sustainable Economics for a Changing World,” underscores the imperative to confront contemporary economic challenges with innovation and insight. We invite researchers to contribute articles exploring various facets of this crucial field.Dive into “Innovation and Economic Transformation,” where investigations delve into the catalysts propelling economic metamorphosis and the pivotal role of innovation in fostering sustainable growth strategies. Investigate “Sustainable and Economic Growth,” where the discourse revolves around cultivating economic vitality while upholding environmental stewardship. Engage with “Economics in the Digital Age,” where scholars dissect the ramifications of technological advancements on global economies, navigating the complexities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Delve into “Economics of Renewable Energy,” a pivotal domain in the transition towards sustainable energy systems and mitigating climate change and, explore “Innovation,” where pioneering research drives societal advancement and economic resilience. We eagerly anticipate articles that probe these critical areas, contributing to the collective understanding and forging pathways towards a more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable global economy. Join us in this transformative dialogue and submit your research to shape the economics of tomorrow.

Topics may include:

  • Innovation and Economic Transformation
  • Sustainable and Economic growth
  • Economics in the Digital age: Navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Economics of Renewable Energy, and Innovation
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